Understanding Balsamic

Varvello is located in the heart of Piedmont, surrounded by phenomenal vineyards. Since they first started producing vinegar in 1921, the Varvello family has chosen their suppliers carefully, up-keeping strict quality standards, only choosing superior quality grapes and wine for their productions. Starting with high quality product is crucial to produce the best vinegar possible, as well as being skillful and experienced. They are one of the largest vinegar producers in Italy, and they are now in their fourth generation of master vinegar makers. Millpress is proud to be the sole distributor of Varvello products in the U.S.

Balsamic Vinegars:
Unique, traditional and innovative vinegars from Aceto Varvello in Modena, Italy.

Red balsamics use our Traditional 18 year style as the base, made with Italian Lambrusco, Sangiovese and Trebbiano grapes which are slowly cooked to create grape must, a high quality barrel aged Sangiovese wine vinegar is later added for acetification. The end result is the most premium example of an extremely high quality balsamic condimento meant to compliment a wide array of foods. Proudly made by the Aceto Varvello in Modena, Italy.

White balsamics are made with hand selected grapes by Davide Varvello using sommelier training to locate the best quality Pinot Grigio grape must to make this exceptional white condimento vinegar. 

Whole Fruit Balsamic Vinegars:
Each fruit vinegar is produced by Varvello, using whole fruit pulp, concentrated white grape must, and a touch of added wine vinegar for acidity. Some are unfiltered, such as the watermelon.