Log Home Body Soap Moisturizing Soaps contain Natural Moisturizing Factors which help prevent wrinkles and delays the aging process. The combined formulation of ingredients provide skin repairing nurturing factors making skin look younger and feel better.
Intense moisturizing soap ingredients provide natural moisturizing factors and phenomenal natural skin care which; penetrate the top layer of skin (the epidermis); nourishes the middle layer (the dermis), contain natural sun protection qualities for your skin, stimulate cell renewal, stimulate collagen production, increase the amount of collagen found in the skin, rejuvenate, hydrate &  restore the skins elasticity, helps the skin retain moisture, fight free radicals (that damage the skin causing fine lines & wrinkles), cleanses your skin naturally without stripping the skins natural oils.

Moisturizing Soaps Include:
Cedar Musk
Lemon Lime
Sweet Orange
Lavender Patchouli Dreams
Patchouli Fantasy
Spearmint Swirl

Available In-Store.

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